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Fred Normandale, known to all old friends as 'Freddy Nom', was born in Scarborough in 1948. His father and mother were both from fishing families. He is married to Dorothy, (Dotty) in 1968. They have three children, Paula, Danny and Sarah and six grandchildren, Beth, Amie, Tilly, Harry, Charlotte (Charlie) and Maddie.

Fred is a founding member and past Chairman of National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations, ex-operations manager of Scarborough Lifeboat and has been President of the Scarborough Sea Cadet Corp for many years.

fred normandale

Now shore based, he manages and part owns two trawlers of 60 and 87 Feet.

Fred came ashore in 1991 having spent 26 years at sea, 20 as skipper/owner of trawling, pair trawling and potting vessels to concentrate on the administration side of his business interests. His hobbies include writing, speaking to local groups, sailing on the STS Lord Nelson as a ‘Bosun’s Mate’ and having a few beers with his pals in the Old Town pub, the ‘Leeds Arms’.